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(Spanish legislation: Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, Regulation implementing Organic Law)

Please note that the data provided on this website to complete the " contact form " (or form or email form ) will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 , of December 13 , Protection personal data , and Royal Decree 1720/2007 , of December 21 , Regulation implementing organic Law ) .
The " contact form " available on the website allows site users to contact the owner of the website by sending an email using this contact form. This information corresponds to the personal data sent by the user at the time of filling the contact form .
Please note the fact that the information you provide voluntarily through the form is sent in an email that may be stored in the electronic mail system owner of the website . The data will not be saved or stored on other media or devices , nor be stored other data from your web site navigation .


The purposes of the processing of your personal data are:
The information you provide may be used to contact you in order to respond to requests that you can send through the online form .


a. Personal data processed shall be restricted to common data strictly necessary and relevant for the purposes referred to in Section 1.
b . The processing of personal data provided by you is done through operations or set of operations listed in Article 3.c of the Organic Law 15/1999 . The treatment is done directly by the organization of the Owner of the website .


Remember you are not obliged to provide the owner of the website personal information via the contact form .
The communication of data via the contact form is optional.
However, failure to provide the data for the purposes referred to in sect. 1 determine the inability to contact the website owner through the contact form.


The personal data collected through the contact form will be sent by email to the owner of this web site manager who is in charge of treatment.


Remember that you may at any time exercise the rights granted to him by law , and especially the rights recognized in Articles 13 and following of the Organic Law 15/1999 , which is reproduced below , by contacting the owner website through the contact form .

Article 13. Opposition of valuations.

1. Citizens have the right not to be subjected to a decision which produces legal effects on them or significantly affects him and which is based solely on the processing of data intended to evaluate certain aspects of your personality.
2 . The affected party may impugn administrative acts or private decisions involve an assessment of their behavior , whose only foundation is the processing of personal data that provides a definition of their characteristics or personality.
3 . In this case , the person concerned is entitled to obtain information from the controller on the evaluation criteria and the program used in the treatment served to make the decision that involved the act .
4 . The assessment of the behavior of citizens , based on a data processing can only be used as evidence at the request of the affected.

Article 14. Right to consult the General Registry of Data Protection.

Any person may know , obtaining for the purpose of timely information General Registry of Data Protection, the existence of the processing personal data , their purpose and the identity of the controller . The General public consultation will be free.

Article 15. Right of access.

1. The person concerned shall be entitled to request and obtain information from their personal data under treatment, the source of such data and communications made ​​or are planning to do.
2 . The information may be obtained by simply accessing data through visualization , or the indication of the data being processed by letter , copy , fax or fotocopy , certified or not, in a readable and understandable , without using keys or codes that require the use of specific mechanical devices .
3 . The right of access referred to in this Article shall be exercised at intervals of not less than twelve months , unless the interested party a legitimate interest that purpose , in which case they may exercise it before .

Article 16. Right of rectification and cancellation.

1. The controller shall have the obligation to fulfill the right to modify or cancel the concerned within ten days.
2 . They will be corrected or canceled , if any , personal data whose processing does not conform to the provisions of this Act and , in particular , when such data are inaccurate or incomplete.
3 . The cancellation will result in the blocking of data , preserving available only to public administrations , judges and courts, for the attention of potential liability arising from treatment during the period of limitation for these. Upon completion of the said period shall be based on the deletion.
4 . If the data rectified or canceled have been reported previously , the controller must notify the rectification or cancellation made ​​who have communicated, in the case of retaining the latter treatment , which should also proceed with the cancellation .
5 . The personal data shall be retained for the period specified in the relevant provisions , if any , in the contractual relationship between the person or entity responsible for processing and the applicant .

Article 17. Procedure of opposition, access , rectification or cancellation.

1. The procedures for exercising the right of opposition, access , and the correction and cancellation shall be established by regulation.
2 . Does not demanded for the exercise of the rights of opposition , access, rectification or cancellation.

Article 18. Protection of rights.

1. Actions contrary to the provisions of this Act can be claimed by those concerned with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection , as determined by regulation .
2 . The applicant who is denied in whole or in part, the exercise of the rights of opposition , access, rectification or cancellation, may notify the Spanish Agency for Data Protection or , where appropriate, the competent authority of each Autonomous Community , which must ensure the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the denial.
3 . The maximum time limit for the issuance of the resolution expresses protection of rights shall be six months.
4 . Against decisions of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection administrative appeal proceed .

Article 19. Right to compensation.

1. Stakeholders who , as a result of breach of the provisions of this Act by the person or the processor , suffer injury or damage to their property or rights shall be entitled to compensation .
2 . When the files are in public ownership, the responsibility shall be required in accordance with the law governing the liability regime of public administrations .
3 . In the case of privately owned files , the action shall be brought before the courts of general jurisdiction .
The treatment will last no longer than necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected.